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Two-in-One Technology Meets the Modern Commercial Kitchen │ Hobart Combi Ovens

Hobart Combi Oven at Rapids Wholesale
Hobart Combi Ovens at Rapids Wholesale

Technology constantly advances as we find ways to combine our gadgets. Those who stay on the cutting-edge carry their phones, high-resolution cameras, high-speed internet, music, and videos all in a single, pocket-size device. This works when it comes to entertainment — so why not apply the same concept to your kitchen? Combining technologies is a great way to save time and money while enhancing the quality of your products.  And adding a Hobart combi oven from Rapids Wholesale is a great place to start.

Commercial combi ovens combine the mechanics of a convection oven and a steamer, allowing users to benefit from both cooking methods in a single dish. Luke Green, a Rapids Contract and Design specialist familiar with Hobart combi ovens — he’s used one to cook mac-and-cheese, twice-baked potatoes, chicken on the bone and other yummy dishes from scratch in Rapids’ own test kitchen — sees French fries as a great example of steam/convention oven cooking.  Green described how you can forego a fryer and fatty oils by using steam to create a humid cooking environment. Then, in the last few minutes of cook-time, you switch the oven to convection mode. This crisps your fries on the outside, Green said. Using this technique, you can offer a healthy side dish without sacrificing taste, texture, and appearance.

“It’s how you go about cooking your product in a combi oven that sets them apart from a standard oven,” Green said. “To achieve the same results in a standard oven, you have extra steps and multiple pieces of equipment needed.” 

Check out this Rapids Exclusive video series with Hobart's "Combi Guy" David Sager, CFSP and Combi Oven Product Line Manager - Hobart Corporation

Rapids can set you up with either a full-size or half-size Hobart combi oven, with 6, 10, or 20 levels. In addition to setting the temperature on these ovens, you can also customize the level of moisture in all 5 models by adjusting the humidity at percentage points between 0% and 100%. On top of that, you can change the airflow in the cabinet by setting the speed of the combi oven’s fan. This comes in handy for delicate recipes, like meringue pies and pastries. Technology like this gives you greater control over a wide variety of recipes.

These models even let you program up to 100 recipes at time. And, as Green explained, Hobart’s combi oven design is the only one with a bar code scanner that works in conjunction with recipe-programming. After setting the recipe for a particular product, you just scan its barcode, and the oven will remember how to prepare the product. Hobart combi ovens are self-cleaning, as well, which will definitely save time in your kitchen!

Almost all food service establishments stand to benefit from using a combi oven. Green said catering businesses, educational institutions, and upscale restaurants might feel the need most. Any venue that calls for hassle-free, consistent bulk-cooking will likely see a big difference after installing a commercial combi oven.

Green said although adding a Hobart steam/convection oven won’t eliminate your need for other cooking equipment, Rapids can provide you with a quote to help meet your needs efficiently. Green and others on the Rapids contract team can assist you in determining which equipment to have on hand with your commercial combi oven, and which items you can skip. Contractors can also go over the possible energy-savings benefits of choosing a combi oven. To modernize your kitchen, get in touch with a Rapids contractor or sales rep, give us a call at 1-800-472-7431!

Written by Holly Hines

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