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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ovention® Matchbox® Demonstration Event Scheduled at Rapids Wholesale!

Ovention Bus is Parkin' at Rapids!

Come join Rapids Wholesale for a FREE LIVE Demonstration of the 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award winning new oven design by Ovention  the Matchbox Oven! Ovention, inventor of the popular TurboChef® oven, revealed this revolutionary new design at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) show in Orlando, and the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. It was a pretty big hit with chefs, restaurant owners, and dealers at the shows. We wanted to see more and invite you to join us. Ovention was happy to oblige and is coming to treat us with a tasty demonstration.

The Matchbox® Oven

The Matchbox oven is kind of like a conveyor oven, but with some very distinct improvements. Unlike a traditional conveyor oven, the unique "End Cap" system minimizes hot air escaping from the cavity of the oven greatly reducing energy consumption. Doors open only when food is going in or coming out of the oven. No hood is required to operate, and with its small footprint, you can install it almost anywhere. The Matchbox oven has an intuitive touch screen display with which you can pre-program up to 1000 different cooking settings to bake, broil, grill and roast your favorite dishes. 

Check out this Video for a tour of this Revolutionary New Oven Technology

Rapids Wholesale Live Public Demonstration Details

We will be hosting the Ovention bus and crew under the sun at our place. Mobile Kitchen Captain Aaron Ulmer along with Chris Merritt CFSP, ServSafe, MAFSI and Partner/Owner of Midwest Professional Reps will be here to answer any questions you may have. These guys are EXPERTS on all things Ovention, and fine cooks to boot! They'll be preparing samples while demonstrating how the new technology works.

Expect to enjoy:
  • Hot Dogs and Buns
  • Panini Sandwiches
  • Pizzas
  • Cookies and Brownies
  • Broiled Shrimp
  • Roasted Veggies and more

The event will be held in our parking lot at:

Rapids Wholesale
6201 South Gateway Dr
Marion, IA 52302

We expect them to be set up and cooking from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.

Everybody is invited to come check out these amazing machines!

More Data on the Ovention® Ovens

Ovention Ovens at Rapids Wholesale

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rapids Associates Gain Expertise on New Products and Going Green at NAFEM Show

Recently Rapids Wholesale associates received education and hands-on experience at the North American Association of Food Manufacturer’s annual food equipment and supplies show. This event, held in Orlando, Florida, helped Rapids associates learn about energy efficiency, gain in-depth product knowledge, and strengthen their relationships with manufacturers.

Check out this time lapse video one of our key suppliers Manitowoc posted of the event from their perspective.  We found it on their youtube page.  It's pretty cool!

Time Lapse Video of NAFEM 2013 by Manitowoc

Rapids sent 17 sales and support associates from Minnesota, Iowa, North Carolina, and Missouri to the largest food service show in the industry, hosted by the North American Association of Food Manufacturer’s, or NAFEM. These associates may be better equipped than ever to help customers learn about energy efficiency and cutting edge products. 

Rapids associate Robert Wiltgen attended the show, where he got a better feel for the newest models of equipment Rapids carries. 

"When we design projects, we can suggest those to customers."

During a demonstration, Wiltgen got a closer look at a new oven made by Blodgett and Pitco, as well as a taste test of steak prepared in the new model. Wiltgen said going to the show helped him solidify his relationship with key Rapids’ suppliers. This may help him provide better customer service by working with manufacturers more closely on future projects, he said.  

The NAFEM show also helped Rapids associates who passed a rigorous exam to become Certified Food Service Professionals advance the standing of their certifications.   

Troy Little, a Certified Food Service Professional on the sales staff at the Marion Rapids location, said seeing and touching new products at the show enhanced his understanding of the equipment he explains to his customers. Experiences like this help him supply his customers with the exact items they need.  

“We’re better prepared to educate our customers” Little said.  

Several associates also attended Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification classes. These associates learned ways to reduce waste, stay green, and help customers qualify for tax rebates and other incentives. Rapids Wholesale is an Energy Star approved Distributor Partner, which means we carry products that allow customers to earn Energy Star incentives. 

Opportunities like this help Rapids associates better the environment and educate customers on green energy topics.

Written By Holly Hines