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The “Eyeballing Method” Vs. The Portion Scale: Why Food Portion Control is Key

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If you’d like to save money and improve your menu simultaneously, you may want to take advantage of our current sale on an inexpensive tool to help with both goals: a portion scale. You may be thinking: why should I spend on portion control tools? My staff can eyeball the correct portions, right?

Unfortunately, that may not be the case. Using an “eyeballing system” could end up costing you. Inexact portioning can lead to several negative consequences, including over-use of costly ingredients, funny-tasting food, food with an unappealing appearance, and a growing number of unsatisfied customers. An Edlund scale may be the best way to avoid these issues. Allow me to illustrate.

Basic Kitchen Arithmetic and Portion Control Scales

Let’s start with a little math. As an example, say you own a deli, and your deli serves 100 turkey sandwiches a day. A typically-portioned turkey sandwich needs roughly 2 ounces of turkey. But, let’s say your kitchen has no portion scale, and the staff isn’t great at eyeballing. They may ere on the heavy side when it comes to turkey; let’s say an extra ounce per sandwich. If half your total sandwiches are made with 3 instead of 2 ounces, you spend on 50 unnecessary ounces of turkey a day. In a week? About 22 pounds. And in a month? That’s almost 100 lbs. of turkey. Never-mind the ham, roast beef, cheese, and other products you serve. These numbers are just examples, but you get the picture. Small amounts add up.

Now you may be thinking: I don’t want to skimp on serving sizes for my customers, either. And this is true. However, to provide a perfect sandwich, you need perfectly-portioned ingredients. The ratio of cheddar to ham or provolone to roast beef can make a difference. Once you find the right balance taste-wise and budget-wise, make sure your staff has the tools to stick to it.

Likewise, looks make a difference to the typical customer’s eye. If your meat portions look small compared to the bread you’re using, customers may go into the meal assuming it won’t fill them up. And if the portions really are too small, they’ll definitely leave hungry. After ordering a sandwich that’s thin in the middle, a first-time customer may not return, no matter how great the taste. Food portion control and an Edlund scale can help you create balanced-looking dishes to please customers’ eyes and stomachs.
The flip-side of that coin is that some people seek to avoid over-filling. Healthy diets are trendy, and portion control is a big part of any diet. Many restaurants offer particular menu items portioned to fit into customers’ healthy lifestyles. Customers counting calories and watching what they eat have their eyes peeled for portion sizes. Make sure the healthy section of your menu won’t disappoint them.

Food portion control is an easy way to keep all the above-mentioned customers appeased. It enhances both taste and presentation, and equips staff to produce quality products quickly and confidently. And, right now, Rapids is making the choice even more obvious by offering a great sale on select Edlund scales while supplies last! To take advantage of this deal, check out Rapids E-Newsletter Deals, and be sure to sign up for it on to receive these offers first, or a call a Rapids rep at 1-800-472-7431!

Written by Holly Hines

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